A little #BqChat background. (In Twitter-speak, of course.)
BQClogo5bQ1: What’s this #BqChat all about?
A1: My focus on Boston Qualifying went on for about 2 years. During that time the BQ pursuit really consumed me. BQ training can be complicated. It’s not just about the run. It’s about strategy as well. Also, the manner in which each of our bodies respond to running 26.2 miles can be so different. Sometimes I just wanted to bounce ideas off people. But I couldn’t find a consistent source for discussion with either my peers or those who had BQ’d. I wanted to #BqChat.

Q2: When is #BqChat?
A2: #BqChat is on every Sunday at 9:00 PM ET.

Q3: Why only a half-hour? #BqChat
A3: Smaller scope. Shorter chat. #BqChat

Q4: How does #BqChat work?
A4: There will be 3 rounds of questions at 0, 10, & 20 minutes. (1 round every 10 minutes.) The questions will appear prefixed with the following: “Q” and then the question number (ie: “Q1:”). Please answer likewise (ie: “A1:”). Important: In every Tweet include the tag “#BqChat”. (You can also create a saved search using “#BqChat”.) Twitter searches for #BqChat allow you to follow the chat.

Q5: But I’ll never qualify for Boston. #BqChat
A5: You never know! The Boston pursuit can take years. Also, while #BqChat may have a Boston-based theme, we certainly don’t intend to limit our running chats to just qualifying for Boston.

Q6: What about all the other running chats out there? #BqChat
A6: That’s true. A number of chats are available. #BqChat won’t be as broad as some of them. That being said, there’s quite a bit to discuss en route to running Boston as well.

Q7: What about including the #BqChat tag in Tweets outside the chat?
A7: Yes, please! I encourage more #BqChat. Throughout the week, I check in often and enjoy Tweeting about anything involving the run.

Q8: Will more #BqChat information be coming?
A8: You bet. Hopefully #BqChat is just getting started! Meanwhile:

Please browse our site.
About us: Here
My BQ story: Here
Twitter: @BqChat
Facebook: BqChat
Email: BqChat@yahoo.com


BostonLog.com: The idea for Bostonlog sprang from the chaos erupting at the 2013 Boston Marathon. Kenneth Williams was one of the first of many runners to be stopped that day on Commonwealth Ave., just a kilometer short of the finish line.

In the days following the terror and confusion of that infamous bombing, Kenneth shared his post-race experience with friends, relatives, the media, and most importantly, with many fellow runners. He realized all the first person accounts he heard needed to be preserved. He envisioned a website where that could happen.

But over the next few months, Kenneth’s goal grew well beyond recording stories of runners caught up in the tragic 2013 event. He understood every runner who has ever completed the foot-journey from Hopkinton to Boston appreciates the special quality of the race, and each has a story that needs telling.

The mission at Bostonlog is to serve as a repository for the memories of all people who have run those 26.2 miles, and to make their stories accessible to millions of people world-wide who want to read about courage, dedication and perseverance…



kusegirl1999.wordpress.com: Being naturally competitive and goal-driven, I have always looked for ways to push myself more in what I enjoy. It seems natural to move forward and not rest on my laurels. So, on that September day several years ago, it made sense for me to stand at the starting line in downtown Providence, and compete in my first 5K. I have now since competed in over 20 5K’s, half-marathons, and marathons; so, it seems so long ago looking back.



PresentlyRunning.wordpress.com: My name is Laura and I love to run. I am an elementary school teacher and have two amazing sons, L and D. I began running as a way to keep active after my collegiate tennis career ended. Now, running is an integral part of my daily life. My goal is to inspire women in all seasons of life to pursue their own version of health and happiness.



Road2BQ.com: 6x half marathoner who recently completed his first marathon and now training towards qualifying for Boston 2016 as well as a sub-1:30 half marathon. I’m also the developer of Run-Bright LED lights and reflective waistband for runners as well as an ENERGYBits Brand Ambassador and a Skora affiliate.



MyLifeOnTheRun.com: My love of running began at the age of 47 in 2012 when on the inspiration to run a 5k with my 82 year old dad I began training. It was not easy. There was a lot of frustration, stopping and starting again. The desire to run with my dad kept me going. Our first race together was the Biltmore Kiwanis 5k were we had tremendous fun running together and both celebrating our podium finishes! I was hooked! Since then I have run numerous 5ks, 10ks, halfs and most recently my first marathon!



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